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When selecting a paving company for your driveway installation, you want to make sure you are relying on a business with experience and integrity. That’s why Rambone Concrete puts our reputation on the line for every job we complete. We stand behind our results and install concrete our customers can be proud of.

Whether you need a resurfaced or replaced driveway, we provide excellent workmanship at affordable prices.

Your driveway provides the welcome mat to your home, and if it has begun to show signs of wear, it is time to reach out to a concrete specialist before cracks or chips begin to spread, leading to a more costly solution in the future.

Our experts will make an on-site visit to evaluate your current driveway and determine how best to help. After all, your driveway sees its share of snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, and may eventually fade due to exposure to the sun’s rays. Spruce up your home’s facade and contact Rambone Concrete.

Concrete Driveway Repair

When it comes to driveways, there are a few ways to increase the curb appeal of your home. As a driveway ages, cracks and chips may begin to appear, which can soon lead to further destruction as moisture freezes and expands.

It’s important to seek out repair as soon as possible, but that doesn’t always mean concrete driveway replacement is necessary.

Consider concrete driveway resurfacing. Resurfacing provides a brand new surface which bonds to your existing driveway, providing a fresh look without the cost of a full demolition and reconstruction project.

If you like, decorative stamping is available to provide an additional spark of creativity and style to your resurfaced driveway. The money you save resurfacing rather than replacing your driveway can be invested in your property with stamped concrete, which can replicate the look of river stones or brick. Your neighbors will want to know who did your driveway when they see the unique look you home now brings to the block.

Driveway Paving Options for Your Home

When sealing your new or resurfaced concrete driveway, you may wonder if your only option is a simple gray color. However, there are a few dazzling ideas we’d like to share with you that could turn your driveway into the talk of the town.

• Stamped concrete is created using physical mats that are placed periodically onto the concrete, creating patterns that can replicate tile or stone, to name a few.

• Stained concrete is concrete that has been colored. Concrete can even be marked with your family’s crest or a compass, among other designs. You may also wish to color your concrete to replicate the look of red brick or marbled stone.

• Textured concrete can provide a non-slip surface or additional choices to make your concrete driveway stand out among the crowd.

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