Concrete Sidewalks

The pathways on your property provide an aesthetic and functional way to walk from one place to another. It’s important to keep them in excellent condition, but they also express the style and creativity you bring to your home or business.

Guests and family members need to be able to walk without tripping on large cracks. Not only that, but once weeds begin to grow through sidewalk damage, you have a big problem on your hands and need to contact a sidewalk repair company.

Concrete walkway installation can beautify a functional space on your commercial or residential property. Rambone Concrete will make this happen for you.

South Jersey Sidewalk Installation Solutions

Poured concrete sidewalk begins with sub-grade, which is composed of leveled, compacted soil to ensure a flat surface. The granular sub-base follows and brings cushion and fills in any gaps. After that, poured concrete between wooden frames to make sure it fits the correct size laid out for the walkway. Finally, the concrete undergoes a curing process.

The result is a sturdy and reliable concrete walkway installation you can be proud of. We all know how much foot traffic our sidewalks encounter, but with a professionally installed walkway, you can be confident about the longevity of your concrete path.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair Specialists

A sidewalk repair company is a vital component of home upkeep. This is because, over time, a walkway can swell after a large rainfall or shrink after a drought. Not only that, but tree roots can move your sidewalk and create cracking– not to mention ground movement and settling in your neighborhood.

In short, your poured concrete sidewalk can become a tripping hazard, which can be dangerous for friends or neighbors who visit and for family members. Homeowner should keep an eye out and periodically check for cracks in the sidewalk and any chips that may lead to slipping or even a fall.

Rambone Concrete can help repair any sidewalk issues that arise. We are concrete experts and stand by our work.

To make sure your sidewalk stands the test of time, consider trimming your grass to prevent the buildup of moisture near sidewalk edges.

Trees are an attractive aspect of any home exterior, but it’s important to plant them far enough away from the sidewalk to make sure the roots don’t impact your pathway. Take the width of the sidewalk, multiply it by two, and make sure to plant any trees this far away from your concrete path.

Stylish Walkways Enhance Curb Appeal

Nowadays, there are many options to add interest and beauty to your walkway. Consider stamped and stained concrete choices to replicate the appearance of tile, rock, or sandstone on your pathway.

Our concrete installation teams can imprint your selected stamp onto your concrete surface to create the design of your choice. Clients are left with an entrancing walkway that welcomes visitors while remaining as solid and reliable as ever.

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